Packaging Research Associates Inc. is a Michigan corporation that provides consulting services to the packaging, transportation and logistics industries. PRA has completed over 1200 research projects for automotive consumer, electronic, food, pharmaceutical, and retail companies since 1987. The company prides in innovation and implementation of new concepts, evaluating new packaging launches, developing new and innovative tests, marketability of innovative packaging, and reducing damage. PRA Inc. can assist your company in development of new packaging test methods and provides analysis, design and evaluation (ANDEVA) services for existing packaging systems. Most projects have been done for leading Fortune 500 companies in US and overseas. We have extensive international experience for packaging projects in North America, Europe, Asia, Central America, Brazil, China, India and Australia. Projects include measuring and assessing physical and climatic damage producing attributes and global distribution challenges.

Dr. Sher Paul Singh is the President, and along with a competitive staff and associates, has been a consultant to World Bank, US Department of Justice, Department of Defense, USDA, DOT, FAA and NASA. He is a Fellow of ASTM and IOPP and received several awards and recognitions (see for more details).